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Resolving Etsy Return Policy Error

Setting return policies on your listings clearly displays important information to your buyers. If you’re a seller outside of the EU, you must set a return policy whenever you edit or create a new listing for a physical item, even if it is to let buyers know you do not accept returns or exchanges on that listing. - from Etsy.

Return Policy Error

If you receive a "Return Policy" error after saving your Etsy products to Sellbery, you need to follow these steps to resolve it.

Step 1. Add Return Policy at

Go to and follow the proven guidance from its help center to create Return Policy.

How do I Set Return Policies on My Listings

Step 2. Update Return Policies in Sellbery

In the Sellbery dashboard, go to Etsy Products > Product and update your Return Policy in the Return Policy area.

Please refresh the product page if you are still waiting to see the policy from step 1 in the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Save and upload your products to Etsy

In the Return Policy area, select the Return Policy from the drop-down menu.
Save and upload your products to Etsy.

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Updated on: 19/02/2023

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