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Connecting Amazon to Sellbery

The connection between Amazon Seller account and Sellbery is done by OAuth. You may connect multiple Amazon accounts in different locations to Sellbery, just make sure to use correct connection data and create internal names to distinguish the stores. You may also send products from one Amazon account to another, of course.

Click the Add New Channel button in the left sidebar.

Select a Region and click the Connect button on Amazon card for connection. You will be redirected to Amazon and will see an authentication pop-up.

After a successful login, you will see the list of your Amazon accounts and locations (in case you have more than one store under the same account) and will need to select the store and location that will be connected to Sellbery.

Once the account has been selected you will be prompted to allow Sellbery App access to your Amazon account data. Press Confirm to complete the connection process.

Once the app has been connected, the authentication window will close, and you will be redirected back to Sellbery to see the new Amazon connection ready to go.

Your products and orders start downloading automatically from Amazon to Sellbery.

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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