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Uploading Products by Amazon Join Listing

At the moment, there is no possibility to create new Amazon listings using Sellbery!

Sellbery allows uploading multiple products to Amazon marketplace with the help of Sell This Product option which we call Amazon Join Listing.

Amazon Join Listing feature on Sellbery is built based on the product matching functionality of Amazon marketplace. This functionality allows you to start selling a product that already exists on the marketplace and is being offered by other sellers. A strong advantage of this feature is that you do not need to create a whole new listing for such a product on Amazon, write detailed descriptions or upload images. You can simply add this product to your Amazon store with most of its existing data, and only put your price, SKU and available stock quantity for this product. In this case, a potential buyer will see your offer along with the offers of other sellers on Amazon and will choose the store with the best price or other conditions suitable for their needs.

Let us reveiw the steps of uploading products to Amazon via Sellbery.

1. Make sure your products have valid GTIN codes

Unique product identifiers such as ASIN, EAN or UPC, are required to upload products from Sellbery to Amazon. If you want to sell products that already exist on Amazon marketplace, you should locate their GTIN codes and add them to the corresponding fields in your eCommerce store before downloading products to Sellbery.

Another possible way would be adding GTINs to your products in Sellbery Service directly and then export products to Amazon. Note that Sellbery supports all kinds of international product identifiers and you can fill those in for every product individually.

Products without GTIN codes cannot be uploaded to Amazon!

2. Export Products to Amazon Service

Once all product identifiers have been added or verified, and the modification of products in Sellbery Service finished, you can export products to Amazon Service on Sellbery. There, you can check all the data again, change Attribute Profile, if necessary, make sure your products are ready for upload.

Learn more about Export Service on Sellbery

3. Upload Products to Amazon Marketplace

Go to Products tab under Amazon Service on Sellbery and select the products you wish to upload. You can choose multiple products at once or send them to Amazon one by one. Click Upload to Amazon button to start the process.

The upload process may take some time as Amazon processes the data in feeds. Please allow at least 30 minutes before checking if the product has been uploaded properly.

If the product has not been uploaded properly, please check the FAQ for possible reasons or contact Sellbery Support for assistance.

Updated on: 14/01/2023

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