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Product Management in Export Service


The Products or Listings tab under Export Service is the place where you can see products that were either downloaded from External System or exported from Sellbery Service. You cannot create new products here, but you can download new products from connected channels, upload products to these channels, as well as edit some of the product properties before uploading them to External System.

The Products page allows you to sort the listings by Title, Category, Link status, or Attributes. Products may have status Active (visible to buyers in the online store or marketplace) or Draft (not visible to buyers) inherited from the original external channel.

The options available on this page are as follows:

Import products to Sellbery
Upload products to external system
Create a link between a listing and its copy in Sellbery Service
Sync Images between between a listing and its copy in Sellbery Service
Apply Shortcut

You can select all or some of the products and apply the necessary changes at once. Additional actions available on this page include updating the product in the Export Service with the data from the external channel (Sellbery Product is not affected in this case), changing the product category, activating/deactivating/deleting the product, etc.

Edit product

Click on the product you want to manage to see the product edit page in Export Service.

The product can only be edited in Export Service if it is linked to Sellbery Product!

The possibility of product data modification in Export Service depends on several parameters:

If a product is linked to Sellbery and does not have any Shortcuts applied, most of its fields can be edited in Export Service.
If a product uses a specific Shortcut, the attributes that belong to a group for which it exists, are locked for editing. The modifications in these attributes can be made through the corresponding Shortcut only.
If a product uses "Custom" Shortcut which was applied after a manual change in the attribute values, its fields are locked for editing. The modifications can be done in the linked Sellbery product or in the specific Shortcut that is going to be used for this product.

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Updated on: 22/01/2023

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