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What is Product Link

Product Link is a connection between a listing imported from an external channel to Sellbery and a copy of the same listing (Sellbery product) created on Sellbery after the import of data.

The link serves as an anchor between an original listing and a Sellbery product and allows updating the listing data after it has been modified in Sellbery product. This way, Sellbery always knows which product to update, but at the same time, the link is for internal use only and does not affect the original product published on the store or marketplace unless you choose to update it manually.

The product link icon is displayed for each product in Export Service Product list.

Green icon indicates an Active Sellbery product linked to a product in the Export Service
Yellow icon indicates a Draft Sellbery product linkes to a product in the Export Service
Red icon indicates a product that is not linked to any Sellbery product

The same Sellbery product can be linked to multiple products in different Export Services.

When the Sellbery product is modified, the change is immediately applied to all linked products in all Export Services.

Any product in the Export Service can be linked to any product in Sellbery Service. The link cannot be removed but it can be switched to a different Sellbery product. When the link is switched, no data is transferred from Sellbery Service to the Export Service, and the Attribute Profile of the product is changed to Custom until you edit it manually and push the product from Sellbery Service to the Export Service to update the listing.

Products downloaded from an external channel but not linked to any Sellbery products cannot be edited in the Export Service.

Updated on: 04/10/2021

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