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What is Sellbery Service

Sellbery Service is the core of the Sellbery structure. It is an internal area for creation and management of products on Sellbery. After the initial import of products from external channels, Sellbery Service becomes the source of the modified data from which the listings are exported to other external platforms and marketplaces.

Sellbery Service menu is located in the top left corner of the dashboard and includes the following sections:

1. Products

This section displays the list of all products that have been created on Sellbery either manually or based on the products imported from other channels. This is the area where product data can be modified safely, without affecting active listings on marketplaces or online stores, because the changes made to the product data within Sellbery Service are not exported to external channels automatically.

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2. All Orders

All Orders section displays the list of orders imported from the sales channels connected to Sellbery. The list of imported orders contains all orders made within the last 30 days. The inventory (stock) levels of the products on Sellbery are updated according to the imported order information.

Orders can be filtered by their status, order ID, the name of a sales channel connection from which the order has been received and the country of origin.
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3. Settings

This tab currently contains the Custom Attributes settings only.

Custom Attributes are those either created on Sellbery manually or imported from external channels and not mapped to any of the internal Sellbery attributes.

Such attributes usually represent specific product properties that are only applicable to some product groups or categories in a store or marketplace, and may or may not be used on other sales channels. Custom attributes are created by store owners to make the product description more detailed or point out custom features of their products.

Updated on: 04/10/2021

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