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What is Export Service

Export Service is an area for the import and management of products that is created automatically for every sales channel connected to Sellbery.

One Export Service block serves for working with one sales channel. For example, if you have multiple WooCommerce stores connected to Sellbery, each of them will have a separate Export Service area. If you have several accounts with Amazon or eBay - each of them will also have a separate Export Service tab.

You can set a custom name for every Export Service to simplify the navigation between different stores and marketplace accounts. You can also create several connections to the same store or seller account, and manage products separately by categories or any other distinctive parameters via different Export Services.

Export Service functions

Import products to Sellbery

When a new sales channel is connected to Sellbery, the product download starts automatically. All downloaded products are displayed in the Product List section for each sales channel.

Create Import Mapping

Import Mapping is the process of linking the product attributes of the Export System to the internal attributes of Sellbery. We have created a list of mandatory attributes that are common for all sales channels, and hardcoded them into Sellbery database. Most of these attributes are mapped automatically and cannot be changed. For other attributes, you need to select the matching fields, to make sure that the product data is imported to Sellbery Service correctly.

Create Product Links

When products are imported from Export Service to Sellbery Service, their copies in Sellbery Service are created. These copies are automatically linked to the original imported products. This Product Link serves for instant data exchange between the Sellbery Product and the original product in the Export Service.

Edit the data of listings linked to Sellbery products

After the product has been created, modified and saved in Sellbery Service, these changes are immediately applied to all linked products in all Export Services. After that, you can also edit each product in the Export Service list directly, in case you want to make changes that need to be applied to this product in a specific store or marketplace only.

Upload products to external channels

As soon as your listings are ready to go live, you can use the options in the Export Service to upload them to the necessary External channel.

Apply Shortcut

Shortcut is a collection of pre-set rules that change the values of product attributes. For example, you may combine the values of several fields into one, or set a rule for price recalculation. Such rules or conditions saved as a single Shortcut can be applied to multiple products at once without the need to modify the data for each product individually.

Manage Integration Settings

The connection Settings tab displays the information about your current connection to the external sales channel. This is where the internal name can be set for this connection, along with other general properties.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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