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The Billing page in your Sellbery account shows the information about your current Sellbery subscription plan.
You can also view the information about other available plans and compare their features. If necessary, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time on the same page.

Pricing Plans

Stripe or Shopify Payments

If you connected your Shopify store to Sellbery, you will be charged with Shopify Payments in your Shopify account. This is the Shopify requirements.
Otherwise, you will be charged with Stripe payment system.

We do not keep any sensitive Billing Information in the Sellbery database and do not show any credit card data on the Billing page in your Sellbery account. All payments are processed by Stripe or Shopify Payments, and Billing information is only stored on their end.

Free Trial

Sellbery offers 7 days of Free Trial for any of its subscription plans. The default plan provided for trial is eCommerce Guru.

Free Trial for eCommerce Guru is enabled by default upon successful Sign Up unless another plan has been selected on the Pricing Page.

The number of channels and orders available on Free Trial corresponds to the settings of the selected Sellbery Plan.

A paid plan can be purchased before the end of Free Trial. Subscription start date in that case will be equal to the date of the plan purchase.

When Free Trial expires, all Sellbery functionality is suspended. You are redirected to the Billing page upon log in and cannot continue to use the platform until one of Sellbery plans is purchased.

You can see your Free Trial expiration date by hovering over the plan info bar at the top of the page.

Buy / Upgrade / Downgrade Sellbery Plan

You can buy a selected Sellbery plan while still on Free Trial or after it expires. Payments are charged monthly via Stripe or Shopify Payments. The billing cycle starts on the day the payment is processed.

If subscription payment is not received at the end of the billing cycle, your Sellbery account functionality is suspended, and you cannot continue using the platform until the overdue amount has been paid.

If the number of imported orders exceeds the limit of your subscription plan, you will be locked out of the dashboard until you upgrade to a plan with the appropriate number of orders or purchase the Additional Orders Add-On.

You can upgrade to a more advanced Sellbery plan at any time. If you do that in the middle of your billing cycle, Stripe or Shopify Payments will only charge the cost equal to the difference between your current plan and the new one. The new plan will be applied immediately.

You can downgrade your Sellbery plan at any time, too. In that case, the number of allowed channels and orders will be reduced immediately. The system will keep the number of channels according to the new plan limit in their order of connection (i.e. channels connected earlier remain active while channels connected later get disconnected if they go beyond the limit of the new plan).

Billing Add-Ons

Sellbery also offers two Add-On features that can be purchased separately and added to your current plan until the end of its monthly billing cycle.

Additional orders/mo add-on allows importing additional 20/50/100 orders on top of the monthly order limit that comes with your Sellbery plan. Add-on is disabled at the end of the billing cycle. You can purchase this add-on multiple times. The following options are available:

20 orders at the rate of 30 cents = $6
50 orders at the rate of 24 cents = $12
100 orders at the rate of 20 cents = $20

Additional channel/mo add-on provides a possibility of connecting 1 more sales channel in addition to the number of channels available for your plan. For example, you have a plan with 2 channels connected (e.g. eBay and Amazon), and now you wish to try selling on Etsy, too. You can purchase this add-on for $19 instead of upgrading your plan and see how selling on Etsy works for you.

Only one "Additional Channel" can be purchased per month. The add-on expires at the end of the billing cycle and the additional channel is disconnected.

Additional Orders or Additional Channel cannot be purchased on Free Trial.

Updated on: 22/01/2023

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