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Inventory Management

Sellbery allows synchronization of stock quantities across all connected sales channels at the same time.

Quantity Sync is based on the Order Sync functionality

When a sales channel is connected to Sellbery, all new orders will be imported from that channel to Sellbery and displayed in the Orders section. After that, the order information is updated every hour. Stock status of the products that exist in Sellbery Service is updated based on the quantity of purchased items.

Quantity is synced automatically between Sellbery Service and Export Services

When the product quantity is updated in Sellbery Service, the same change is applied to all linked products in all Export Services automatically. The products in Export Services previously downloaded from and already uploaded to external channels are updated automatically, too.

Manual quantity update is only possible in Sellbery Service

Product quantity can be changed for each product individually or multiple products at once at the Products tab in Sellbery Service. This action is applicable to both active and draft products. Manually updated quantity is automatically applied to all linked products in all Export Services as well as all connected listings exported from Sellbery to external channels.

Attribute Profile settings do not affect product quantity

The quantity attribute is never affected by any Attribute Rules configured in Attribute Profiles assigned to products. This is done to prevent any confusion with stock levels across multiple connected channels.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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