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Learn Sellbery Terminology

Sellbery Service is the core of the Sellbery structure. It is an internal area for creation and management of products on Sellbery. After the initial download of products from external channels, Sellbery Service becomes the source of the modified data from which the listings are exported to other external platforms and marketplaces.

Export Service is a functional presentation of a connection between Sellbery and an external sales channel. Every channel connected to Sellbery has its own Export Service area that contains the information about the downloaded products, fields mapping and channel-specific settings.

Product is an object with a certain set of properties (product attributes) that describe the product in Sellbery Service.

Listing is the description of a product in the Export Service.

Product Attribute is a property field that presents a feature of a product (Title, Description, Price, Quantity, etc.). There are two types of attributes on Sellbery - System and Custom.

System Attribute is a default internal Sellbery attribute matching the product property with the same meaning or purpose in all supported sales channels (e.g. Title, Description, Price, Image, Quantity, SKU, etc).

Custom Attribute is an additional product property created in Sellbery or imported from an external channel. Custom Attribute is specific to a product or group of products on a specific sales channel, and may not match any of the fields common to other sales channels.

Attribute Group is a group of product attributes combined by a specific feature. For example: Description (Name, Description, Short Description, Tags), Pricing (SKU, Quantity, Price, Sale Price, etc.), Dimensions (Width, Length, Height), etc.

Attribute Rule is a set of conditions applied to certain product properties that can be saved as a static feature and used for multiple products. For example, “Add Color to the Title field”, “Increase Price by 10%”, “Add certain text to Description”, etc. Attribute Rules can be combined into Attribute Profiles.

Attribute Profile is a pre-set list of Attribute Rules that is saved with a specific label and can be applied to a certain product or multiple products on Sellbery. Attribute Profiles allow you to make identical modifications to multiple products without having to modify each item individually.

Import Mapping is a mandatory process of matching the product attributes of the external channel from which the products are imported to the internal Sellbery fields.

External System/Channel is any marketplace or eCommerce platform connected to Sellbery for transferring product data. Every channel can be used for both import and export of products at the same time.

Sellbery Tags are internal tags that can be created on Sellbery to simplify grouping and filtering of products in Sellbery Service. Tags can be added for one or multiple products.

Sellbery Category are internal categories that can be created for one or multiple products. Internal categories serve for better product management inside Sellbery Service.

Download process - from External System (outside Sellbery) to Export Service (on Sellbery).

Upload products - from Export Service (on Sellbery) to External System (outside Sellbery).

Import process - from Export Service to Sellbery Service.

Export process - from Sellbery Service to Export Service.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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