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What is Sellbery?

Sellbery is a product listing and inventory management SaaS platform developed by our team. The platform is designed to help online merchants who sell their products on multiple sales channels, such as personal online stores, international marketplaces, social media pages.

Sellbery provides a place where a merchant can manage their listings and orders using a single control panel. Products are imported to Sellbery upon connecting a sales channel to our system by API. After that, you can either send these products to another channel as they are, or copy them to Sellbery Service, make the necessary modifications in their parameters, then upload them to any of the sales channels connected to Sellbery.

Another important feature of Sellbery is a possibility of creating new products. You do not need to have your own store to use Sellbery any more! You can simply create all your products on Sellbery and export them to Amazon, eBay and Etsy automatically.

Sellbery imports the orders from all connected sales channels automatically. This functionality makes it easier for a merchant to monitor the order information from different stores and marketplaces as it eliminates the need of going through multiple store backends to check the orders. Order Management and Fulfillment is not possible on Sellbery at the moment but this functionality will definitely be added in the future versions.

Updated on: 15/01/2023

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