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Attribute Rule

Attribute rules are used to quickly combine several attribute values and/or include custom text or numeric values into a certain product field. Attribute rules are the most important step of product update automation with the help of Shortcut on Sellbery.

For example, you want the name of your clothes listing to contain its fabric type, size, and brand. You can set up an Shortcut for this and create a rule by following these steps:

Go to your Export Service > Shortcut section and choose or create a Shortcut.

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Now you can create the rules according to which the value of every attribute in the selected Attribute Group will be modified. There are two options for creating rules based on the field type:

Add multiple values and/or custom text. This option is applied to the fields with simple text or number values. Click on the + sign to add the fields from which the values will be pulled into the attribute being edited. You may also input custom text in the attribute value field directly.
Select an option from the drop-down list. This field type only allows one value to be selected from the drop-down list of available options. No text input is allowed here.

Apply the Shortcut to the listings in question.

Great! Now the Attribute Rules you have created will be automatically applied to the listings that use the same Shortcut.

You can create multiple Attribute Rules in specific Shortcuts for different Attribute Groups, and use them to update the product information for multiple listings as once.

Updated on: 16/01/2023

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