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Import Mapping

Import Mapping is the most important step of the product import process on Sellbery. This is a process of linking the attributes of the imported products to the attributes of Sellbery. Based on the mapping setup, the product information is saved in corresponding Sellbery fields then used to create Sellbery products and export listings to other sales channels.

Import Mapping is done automatically for default attributes on Sellbery.

Manage Import Mapping

If you wish to change existing mapping rules, follow these steps:

Go to the Settings of Export Service and click Edit on the Import Mapping section..

You will be redirected to the Import Mapping page where you can see the list of all attributes that currently exist on Sellbery, both default and custom ones. Every attribute has a drop-down list of options from which you can select the one that describes the same product property in the store or marketplace from which the products have just been downloaded. There are mandatory and optional attributes. Some of the attributes are mapped automatically by Sellbery system and cannot be edited.

Custom attributes are present on the import mapping list and can be mapped to the fields with the corresponding values. The list of custom attributes here also includes the ones that were imported from other sales channels but not mapped to any of the system attributes on Sellbery. So, any unmapped attribute becomes a custom attribute on Sellbery.

If the products are imported from a marketplace, the mapping is done by categories. Once you complete the mapping for one category and click Save you are redirected to the mapping page of the next category, and so on, until the attributes of all categories have been mapped. This is done to ensure that all product information is stored in proper fields when the copies of the imported products are created on Sellbery.

The Mapping page also allows you to preview the attribute values that will be displayed for specific products based on the imported data. Select the product you wish to preview in the drop-down list under Result Preview and see the result that will be shown for each attribute on the product page after publishing this listing.

If you have mapped any of the fields incorrectly, it is possible to reset the mapping and start again. Note that this only works for manually mapped attributes, as the ones mapped automatically cannot be modified.

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Updated on: 03/04/2023

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