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Adding Variations in Sellbery

Product variations are combinations of attributes like size or color. You can only add the new variations to the existing products with more than one variation.
Each product can have up to 4 variations. It depends on the External Systems.
The variations can be different from product to product.

Adding Variation

Follow these steps to add a variation:

Step 1
Go to Sellbery Products > any Product with variations.

Step 2
In the Variations tab, click the "Add Variation" button.

Step 3
In the "Add New Variation" window, fill in all required fields.
You can choose the attribute values from the existing values or add a custom one.

Adding a custom value
Click the attribute you want to edit.
Enter a name for the new value in a text field (start typing).
Click "Add item" under the text field.

Step 4
Click the "Create" button.
After creating the new variation will be automatically added to all connected Export services in Sellbery.

Updated on: 22/01/2023

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